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Welcome To P. honey

bees, honey and good vibrations from south london



for bees, the flower is the fountain of life, for flowers the bee is the messenger of love

We really love our bees, so it's very important to us that the bees are happy and able to live in the most natural way possible, we therefore make certain not to steal all the honey from them, leaving them more than half of their own honey during harvest time. This in turn means that they have the best food possible to keep them healthy and free. It means that we harvest less honey, but you know that the honey we do harvest comes from bees who are treated with the respect they deserve. 

Feel free to browse my bee blog, with musings on my life with the bees and some pretty beautiful images to support them! 


The honey is superb, if you're from south London - you need this in your life and if you're from further afield, you're gonna love it too. Made from predominately chestnut, lime and wild flowers: this honey has a soft, butterscotch texture, a sweet and refined taste full of character and a unique aroma that takes you straight into the beehive. 

raw - real - pure

It is essential that honey remains in its natural state, both for taste and for health reasons. Therefore you can rest assured that anything with a P. Honey label on it is as pure as can bee... meaning that it's only once filtered, never heated, never blended and just how the bees like it themselves. 

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I'm throwing a party in honour of the bees hard work and this precious gift of gold. If you love honey, come and celebrate this with P. Honey and full squad later this month. 

who am i?

I'm P. Honey... a London lad in love with the Bees and their sweet gift of gold. As well as keeping bees and selling their marvellous honey, I work to educate inner city children and adults on the majestic bee, Mother Nature and our role within nature. 

Music is the reason I came about bees and the life of honey, 'life's a musical thing and we're supposed to dance'. If you're curious and would like to hear more, click below.


P. honey 

it started with the trees, they turned sun, moon and water into nectar for the bees, the bees turned it into honey, life's most precious treat, then i put it in a jar, just for you to eat.