A Master beekeeper

Introducing... Dhafer and his bees

Master Beekeeper, Dr. Dhafer Behnam, started keeping bees as a young man in his country of of origin, Iraq. Dhafer fondly tells me how it all started, with curiosity and two bee hives, through hard work and devotion, two colonies of bees turned in to hundreds of colonies and Dhafer and his bees became successful Iraqi honey producers. 


In 2003, Dhafer and his family came to England to start a life on the Island of milk and honey. Soon after arriving, Dhafer took on the prestigious role of head Beekeeper at the famous Buckfast Abbey. Buckfast Abbey & Apiary were made famous by the extensive work done by residing monk, Brother Adam, who travelled the world in his works with the honey-bee. Dhafer tells me how during his time at Buckfast, he took the Apiary from having under 100 hives to bearing over 400 colonies of bees, roaming the moors of Dartmoor. 

Currently, Dhafer practices beekeeping seemingly for one reason, the love of bees. Managing around 60 colonies, buzzing from Wimbledon to Surrey (London), Dhafer spends his weekends with the bees, providing them with the perfect conditions to be strong, healthy, happy bees. I've had the privilege of working and studying with Dhafer for the past two seasons and he has taught me most of what I know about keeping bees. 

It is an honour to be able to share with you, the sweet golden nectar that Dhafer and the bees have so carefully collected, cured, matured, extracted and jarred for your pleasure. This honey comes in two varieties, one runny, one creamy, the bees forage on a variety of plant and trees, predominantly chestnut tree blossom and wild flowers. The honey is raw, pure and untreated, just how the bees intended it.

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