honey & bees in les petites pyrenees

In and amongst the mountains and trees of Les Petites Pyrenees, lies a special little place, full of lots of little bees.

For the past few years, I've been fascinated by the Pyrenees and surrounding areas. I have had the pleasure of travelling around the beautiful mountain range that sits magnificently in between France and Spain, tasting the honey and enjoying the scenery. In an effort to share the delights of this magical corner of the world, I would like to present to you a beekeeper, some bees and their gift of honey. 


introducing... Milan Wiercx van rhijn

Milan Wiercx van Rhijn, is a dutch beekeeper who moved to the region and now manages these bees, he tells me how excellent the area is for bees. Due to the variety of wild-flowers, mountainous terrain and warm weather the bees (and the beekeeper) love it there!

Whilst Milan is a young beekeeper, hi approach to working with the bees tells the tale of an ancient tradition of the bond between bees and humans. His philosophy is based on “working with the bees rather than profiting from the bees”. Furthermore, he practices beekeeping in a pure manner, staying away from unnecessary chemical treatments, feeding with sugar and other perhaps invasive modern techniques.

As a result of Milan's hard and thoughtful work, he has established a successful apiary, full of happy bees who have produced a good deal of delicious, golden honey.

This honey is simply exquisite. Its texture: thick yet runny, like warm treacle. The taste: strong, full in flavour and loaded with the rich, balmy scents of mountain air and the southern French countryside. The colour is pure gold, indeed it’s some of the most golden honey I’ve seen.

It is truly a joy to be able to share the precious gift of honey with you all. Want some? Just click the box below…