the bees in may

a look inside the hive at the beginning of the season

Spring has most certainly sprung and I've had the pleasure of spending a few very summery days with the bees. The cherry blossoms are coming to an end, whilst chestnut blossom is everywhere I look. The nectar, is in full flow and thus, the bees are busy. 

As I peer into the bees quarters, there's a happy buzz filling the atmosphere and a golden waterfall of little bees trickling in and out of the hive entrances.  

One particular colony is very busy indeed, in fact, I've had to add more and more supers (boxes in the hive where the bees store the honey they collect) due to the  vast amounts of nectar being brought home by the busy girls (worker bees are all female!). 

As these bees seem to be doing so well, I decided to reward my efforts in providing them with a nice home by taking a frame of honey to celebrate my birthday. The honey was sweet, oh so sweet. At this time of year, the majority of the flowers that the bees are making honey from spring flowers and tree blossoms. It is runny, light, floral and delicious and is a treat best enjoyed on it's own, in order to truly appreciate its purity and wonder. As I sat in the garden, indulging in this, the finest of honey, I took a moment to consider the thousands of trips made by my busy bees in order to produce this golden gift. 

So thank you to the bees for their tireless work in pollinating our local flora, and for the perfect birthday gift of gold.